My name is Sara and
I'm the founder of Kalimera

Back in 2015 I created the travel blog Kalimera Concept, aiming to share what I love the most: photography and travel. The content I’ve been sharing since then aims to be a source of inspiration for the readers. A place created to share my photos, ideas, travel tips and some scrambled words.

Although my academic training and professional experience are exclusively in Dentistry, photography and beach fashion have always been two great passions of mine.

Born in Aveiro (a beautiful seaside town in Portugal), my whole childhood and teenage years were spent by the sea. That’s why saltwater, bikinis and sunsets are essential elements of my life.

Currently, living in Paris and having more freedom to travel the world, I felt the need to create something that would give expression to what photography, beach, home and traveling means. That’s how kalimera collection was born. A swimwear brand that would express the way I see and feel the world, my origins and the places, people and cultures I got to know along the way.

As far I can remember, I’ve always struggled to find the perfect bikini with timeless shapes, high quality and functional designs, that would allow me to feel both comfortable while tanning and confident while swimming.Also, it was hard for me to buy tops and bottoms separately, since I don’t always wear the same size up and down, so I normally would have to do costume alterations.

Kalimera collection promises to help you if your struggles are the same that I used to have. You will find very high-quality swimwear, made ethically and responsibly, being locally produced and designed for you to be at your best wherever you go 🙂

our values

We stand for transparency, sustainability and diversity. We are dedicated to working alongside our partners to ensure conscious business practices that reflect our fundamental brand values.

Kalimera collection’s mission is to combine its values, also creating the perfect swimwear of the bold and modern woman. A woman who loves to feel confident at the beach and beyond. A woman that values comfort, quality and style at the same time. An elegant woman that inspires others with her strength, freedom and independence, and cares about the world around her too.